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This page provides details regarding general information, terms of use, use of cookies, intellectual and industrial property, contents and disclaimers, applicable regulation and competent courts, contact details, industrial Privacy Policy, and changes to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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In compliance with the provisions of Act 34/2002, of 11th July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), the general details about the website are provided below: This website is owned by AVIVA VOICE SYSTEMS & SERVICES, S.L, (hereinafter, AVIVA), holding Spanish Tax ID (C.I.F.) B-84216142, with registered address in Madrid, Calle Golfo de Salónica 27, Zip Code 28033, and has been created for business and information purposes. By accessing and using it, any person immediately becomes a "user", which implies the awareness and full acceptance of the terms described below.

The Domain Name,, is registered to Aviva Voice Systems and Services SL, registered in the Mercantile Registry, Volume 20,956; Book 0, Sheet 59, Section 8, Page M-371599, 1st Entry, with Spanish Tax ID (C.I.F.) B-842161421.

The terms of this Legal Disclaimer are subject to change and may be revised or updated as and whenever AVIVA deems fit or in order to adapt them to eventual regulatory and/or technological changes. Such updates shall take effect as soon as they are published in this website.

Pursuant to the regulation in force regarding Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI), please note that accessing this website or using it in any way, as well as reading and accepting this LEGAL DISCLAIMER, implies acceptance of each of these general terms of use and any other terms AVIVA may unilaterally establish from time to time. Using some services shall also imply full acceptance of the particular rules and guidelines that AVIVA may at any time establish for specific purposes or to replace or supplement these general terms. AVIVA reserves the right to modify the operation of the website and make changes to these General Terms at any time and without prior notice.

Terms of use

Access to and use of this website are free and the exclusive responsibility of the users. Such access does not imply any business or professional relationship or any other kind of liaison between AVIVA and the users.

In principle, the provision of the services offered from the website will not be limited in time. AVIVA may temporarily or permanently and without prior notice withdraw from the provision of any of the services offered from the website. AVIVA shall give sufficient prior notice about the discontinuance of the service planned to be withdrawn.

The user undertakes to use the products or services of the website in accordance to Law, to this Legal Disclaimer, to the generally accepted moral standards and good practice, and public order. Any use that contravenes the above will be the sole responsibility of the user, both vis-à-vis AVIVA or towards any third party whose rights may be affected.

The user shall not take any action that could damage the web site, render it useless, overload or disrupt it in any way, or conduct any activity that could impede the normal utilization or enjoyment of the website by the rest of users.

Should the use of the website by the user contravene the provisions contained in this Legal Disclaimer, AVIVA may deny the provision of the service to the infringing user.

As a rule, no prior registration is required for users to be allowed to access and use the website, while some services may require user registration. The user will be the sole responsible for the veracity of the details entered while registering.

This Legal Disclaimer only applies to the information collected in this website, not to any of the contents and/or services collected or delivered from websites accessed to or linked from AVIVA's website (

Use of cookies

The website uses third-party cookies, i.e., files that are sent to a browser from a web server in order to log the user's activities in the website. Cookies are only linked to an anonymous user and his or her computer, but do not provide by themselves the users' personal details. For further information about the use of cookies, please click here.

Industrial and Intellectual Property

This website and its contents are protected by the Industrial and Intellectual Property regulation currently in force. The material contained in this website is the intellectual property of AVIVA, its partners, associates, the institutions AVIVA is affiliated with, derive from links to news and posts from other websites, or represent information, know-how or experiences derived from other sources, which are always mentioned.

Access to this website does not grant users any title on the intellectual property rights of the contents or the website itself. Reproduction, distribution, public disclosure or transformation actions without prior express consent from the owner are expressly prohibited. The above notwithstanding, regarding the works over which AVIVA holds exploitation rights, it is permitted to display, copy and print documents and information contained in this website, provided that:

  1. Whenever they are used, the source, author and copyright owner are mentioned, or clarifying notes about intellectual property are provided, if known;
  2. They are not modified, altered, transformed or distorted;
  3. They are not copied or disclosed out of context or for any purpose other than their intended usage framework;
  4. Such action does not entail the use of the whole of the contents or a part of them that is considered essential, be it in a single action or in multiple ones.

Any use that violates the above conditions is not authorized by AVIVA and is therefore expressly prohibited.

Brands, trade names, logos and other hallmarks that appear or may appear in this website are owned by AVIVA or the third party concerned and are protected by the industrial property regulation in force. Using or exploiting such hallmarks is prohibited. The above notwithstanding, AVIVA will allow using the hallmarks over which it holds the exploitation rights provided they are used in a fair manner and making express mention to AVIVA as its legitimate owner.

Third-party hallmarks contained in this website may have been registered by their owners and be protected by the applicable regulation in force. In any case, the user shall ascertain their status and, where applicable, request permission before using them.

Contents and limitation of liability

AVIVA reviews the information published in this website but makes no warranty about its accuracy and understands it may contain misstatements or errors. AVIVA is trusted by many customers and conducts its business in a professional and rigorous manner. While it is our wish to ensure that you will find the information published in this website useful and welcome, we cannot take any liability or assume any consequence from its use or interpretation.

AVIVA does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free access to this website. In no case shall AVIVA be liable for any damages arising from the use of or access to this website.

Neither does AVIVA guarantee the absence of virus or other elements that may potentially harm the user's IT systems or take any liability for any damages eventually arising therefrom.

Where links to third-party websites are offered, they are provided for information purposes only, and should not be understood as an invitation to purchase products and/or services made available in the target website. AVIVA takes no liability for third-party opinions reachable through links offered from this website. AVIVA does not guarantee the proper functioning of the links to other websites.

AVIVA has no obligation to verify the legality of the Products or services offered by third parties in websites reachable through hyperlinks maintained in its website; neither AVIVA takes any liability for their illegal nature. The above notwithstanding, should AVIVA become aware of their illegal nature or have serious concerns about it, it shall inform the competent authorities, as prescribed by Law. AVIVA may also block, as a precautionary measure, the specific hyperlink through which the third-party website is accessed in any of the two scenarios described above, as provided for in the agreement reached between AVIVA and the third party, until the competent authority issues a decision regarding the lawfulness of the product or service offered in the target website. Should the decision from the competent authority declare the product or service offered from the target website illegal, AVIVA may block the hyperlink indefinitely, without leading to any indemnity whatsoever for that reason.

Creating and using hyperlinks from other websites to AVIVA's website will require prior consent in writing from AVIVA. In any case, the creation of the hyperlink shall not imply the establishment of any business, professional or other kind of relationship between the owner of such third-party website and AVIVA.

Applicable regulation and competent courts

The terms and conditions governing this website are protected by and subject to the Spanish regulation currently in force at any given time.

To settle any question, controversy, litigation or discrepancy eventually arising between AVIVA and the user as a result of the use of or access to this website, the parties agree to submit themselves to the Courts of Madrid (Spain).


Any user may contact AVIVA, whatever the reason, through the following means:

  • Regular mail: Calle Golfo de Salónica, 27 5º-B. 28033 - Madrid.
  • Phone: 912 33 90 82.
  • E-mail:

The treatment of personal data is explained in document Contact clause.

Basic information on data protection
  • Data controller: AVIVA VOICE SYSTEMS & SERVICES, S.L.
  • Purpose: Recording and replying to questions and messages delivered from the website's contact forms.
  • Legitimate use: RGPD: 6.1.a) Consent from the data subject
  • Recipients: No communications are envisaged.
  • Rights: Access, rectification, suppression, limitation of processing, opposition and, where applicable, data portability.
  • Source: The data subject or his or her legal representative.

Privacy Policy

Data controller

The personal data that may directly be obtained from the data subject will be treated confidentially and incorporated into the relevant data processing activity operated by AVIVA.

Data processing types and purpose

As the Data Controller, AVIVA conducts the following data processing activities:

  • Management of résumés: Managing the résumés received in the organisation and submitted by the data subjects themselves.
  • Human Resources management: staff management, training, occupational risks prevention, payroll processing.
  • Management of Customers and Vendors: managing contracts entered with customers and vendors, along with the contact details needed to handle the contractual relation with them.
  • Log management: Monitoring and supervision, for information security purposes, of the activity of the users of Aviva Voice's information systems.
  • Web contact: recording and replying to enquiries and messages sent through the website's contact forms.

The Data Processor also performs the following data processing activities:

  • Electronic notification via SMS with probative value (Registered SMS).
  • Electronic notification via EMAIL with probative value (Registered EMAIL).
  • Registered electronic contracting (mobile contracting).
  • Digital evidence custody.
  • Video identification.
Legitimate use

The data processing activity is carried out with the purpose of performing a contract involving the data subject as a contracting party, or to enforce pre-contractual measures upon request from the data subject, to fulfil legal obligations by AVIVA, to meet legitimate interests pursued by the Data Controller, such as information security management, and also when the purpose of the data processing requires prior consent, which must be granted with a clear positive action.

Data retention

The personal data provided will be retained for as long as needed in order to fulfil the purposes they were collected for and to determine the eventual liabilities that may arise therefrom.

Data disclosure

As a general principle, personal data will not be disclosed to any third party unless it is statutorily required to do so.

Data subject rights

Any person has a right to receive confirmation about how his or her data are processed by AVIVA.

The persons concerned may exercise the rights of access, rectification, suppression and portability on their data, limit or object to their processing, and avoid being subject to decisions exclusively based on the automated processing of such data, where applicable, by addressing to AVIVA VOICE, Calle Golfo de Salónica, 27 – Office 5ºB 28033 Madrid, or the Email

Changes to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

AVIVA reserves the right to amend its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as it may see fit. The user undertakes to review the contents of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, since they may be modified without prior notice. The user also understands and accepts the content of this document.