Digital Signature by SMS/EMAIL

Digital signature

Immediate and with probative value

Supports certified e-contracting to execute or endorse agreements or contracts through a cell phone, by sending an SMS or Email.


Both the submission of the SMS or email from the sender and the response from the recipient are issued immediately.


Aviva Voice and Camerfirma take care of automatically certifying the submission and reception of the messages.


The result is a certified PDF file, compliant to all technical and legal requirements stated by the regulation in force.

Details of the process

  • Firma digital via web

    Company-Customer agreement

    The Company closes the agreement or sale with the customer through a phone call from its call centre, which is connected to our platform, sends the data, and they are received in our system to process the request.

  • firma digital por sms

    SMS with terms and conditions

    Aviva sends to the customer an SMS from a mobile number allocated to the call centre, or an email, with the contract terms and conditions.

  • firma digital por email españa

    "Accept" SMS

    The user replies “Accept” with an SMS to the same mobile number, or immediately via web.

  • sms certificado españa

    Custody of the Certificate

    The digital certificate is custodied in pdf format for 5 years, during which it will be available to be downloaded from any device.

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Benefits of the product

Legal certainty

With full legal force and 100% confidential.

Cost saving

No printing or courier costs. Much more affordable than a hardcopy contract.


Immediate execution of agreements.

Increased profit

Response lead time for your customers is shortened to a few minutes.


Wide reach in minutes. You will see how the number of contracts closed grows!


Close agreements without moving around, event from the simplest cell phone.

Environmentally friendly

Avoid paper use and storage. Protect the environment!


Easy integration with web applications and contact centres.


Access to Aviva Mobile with statistics and detailed information in real time.

Various uses

Targeted to SMEs, enterprises, telecommunication carriers, power utilities, property managers, homeowner associations, law firms, insurance companies, financing entities, agencies, professional associations and bodies, to name a few, to:

  • Obtain confirmation in writing of an agreement or sale previously secured via phone.
  • Support the SAC Act (Customer Care Services).
  • Engage an independent and external Trusted Third Party to certify the transaction or contract.
  • Get SEPA debit orders instantaneously.
  • Confirm service hiring.
  • Signing labour contracts, lease agreements...
  • Signing minutes of meetings and gatherings, cooperation agreements or any other document seeking consensus among the parties.
  • Confirming consent or acceptance of dismissals, sick leaves or work leaves and other imposed conditions.