Digital signature via web

Digital signature

Quick, easy and secure

The Digital Signature Via Web is the digital certification contracting method enabling to execute agreements by sending an SMS or an Email with a link leading to a transactional microsite reachable from any device (responsive design).

Full legal force

A Mobile Contract with certification via transactional web has full legal force, is business oriented and provides great added value for smartphones.

Digital Certificate

All data are certified by Aviva Voice (holding a license from the CNMC) and Camerfirma, the Certification Authority created by the Chambers of Commerce, which includes its own Digital Timestamp.

Details of the process

  • Firma digital via web

    The user consents to the conditions at the website or call centre

    Once the conditions are accepted, Aviva sends an SMS to the end customer with a link to a microsite containing their wording. The link can be opened from any device.

  • firma digital via web certificada

    Acceptance of conditions

    The customer reviews and accepts, if applicable, the contractual conditions it has received in its cell phone via SMS.

  • firma digital via web

    Signatory identity validation

    The microsite may request the signatory to enter any personal detail (DNI, age, etc.) for identity validation purposes.

  • sms certificado en españa

    Custody of the Certificate

    Once the customer has clicked the OK button, the digital certificate is custodied in PDF format for 5 years, during which it will be available to be downloaded from any device.

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Benefits of the product

Legal certainty

Full legal force and 100% confidential.

Cost saving

No printing or courier costs.


Transactional microsites with multi-device access.


Automated process allowing to execute agreements with a single click, instantly with no waiting.

More conversions

Business focus + transaction speed and ease for the customer = sales boost!


Massive, highly efficient campaigns with immediate response in minutes.


Avoids paper use and storage. Protect the environment!


Messages and microsites are fully customisable.


Access to Aviva Mobile with real-time statistics and information.

Various uses

  • Support to telemarketing campaigns regarding the requirements introduced by the SAC Act (Customer Care Services) to obtain written confirmation of the agreement reached via phone.
  • Engagement of an independent and external Trusted Third Party to certify the distance transaction or contracting.
  • Gaining new customers with continuous promotional actions.
  • Managing existing customers: data validation, credit extension, card activation changes, debt collections, etc.
  • Signing service agreements, employment contracts, lease agreements...
  • Confirming minutes, cooperation agreements, consensus, resignations, discharges...
  • Solving massive product or service purchasing processes (loans, policies...), which are substantially streamlined thanks to the use of mobile devices, with no call centre involvement. Simultaneous contracting of a product by hundreds of users can be closed in less than 1 minute!
    The Company has a segmented database of potential customers using a smartphone daily and having specific, simple and easy-to-understand products tailored to the user profile, backed by a Spanish and European legislation ready to regulate online contracting.