Aviva Voice
Your Trusted Third Party

We certify communications and contracts with full compliance with all the statutory requirements and guaranteed privacy and custody.

Our long track record as communication service providers has enabled us to develop highly competitive and functional tools.

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We are backed by three key pillars:

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Communication service provider

Aviva Voice is a Communication Service Provider licensed by the Spanish Markets and Competition Authority (CNMC), specialising in SMS.

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Broad experience

Aviva has been operating since 2005 as specialists in mobile marketing and corporate communications.

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Certification capability

for the communications conducted through the Trusted Third-Party certificates and services.

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Covering both marketing and certification services, we have the strength, expertise and trustworthiness your company needs.

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Our potential

Guaranteed privacy and custody.


Proprietary technology

We have our own proprietary technology, an innovative and seamless approach focused on our customers' business and ensuring personalised service and quick, reliable and flexible deployment.


CNMC licensed

We are licensed by the Spanish Markets and Competition Authority (CNMC) as a service provider specialising in SMS message processing, which entitles us to operate as a Trusted Third Party.


Certified security

We are committed with the security of our customers' data, for which we take strict protection measures and hold the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management certification.


Full third-party certification

All our Trusted Third-Party certificates include the Camerfirma Time Stamping, guaranteeing the exact time a document was signed.


Technological platform

We deliver an advanced technological platform developed by our team for real-time transaction tracking, automatic 24/7 monitoring, and multi-device access


Nationwide integration

Our systems are integrated with the principal call centres in Spain.