Aviva Voice is the solution for your electronic communications

We are the Communication Service Provider specializing in SMS messaging and mobile marketing, operating as Trusted Third Party in certified notifications and electronic contracting transactions.

Certified Digital Signature

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Certified Email/SMS Contract

Contracting via Certified SMS or EMAIL: immediate and with probative value

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Certified Mobile Contracting

Certified Mobile Contracting via mobile webs for transactions

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Other Products

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Sending documents via SMS and Email with acknowledgement of receipt and sender and recipient validation.

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Video ID icon

Video ID

Videoconference-based Remote Identification Service. Compliant to SEPBLAC guidelines.

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OTPs or SMS/Voice

Our SMS OTP delivery service (Master OTP) enables using a cell phone as a token.

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The most secure, efficient and compliant way to store and manage electronic evidences for your business.

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Certified Communication and Digital Marketing

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Certified Email/SMS

Certified Email/SMS submission: quick, affordable and with full legal force.

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Massive SMS

Mobile marketing platform for real-time Massive SMS submission with delivery confirmation.

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Massive Email

Massive mailing submission software for your email marketing campaigns.

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Aviva Mobile platform

  • Operation tracking

    Real-time management and tracking of campaigns, communications and certified electronic contracting transactions.

  • Features and characteristics

    A wide array of tools enabling you to easily and efficiently run your campaigns and submissions.

  • Multidevice

    The Aviva Mobile Platform provides a user interface that you can use in mobile devices.

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Digital Marketing