SMS and Mail communications

Integration of your CRM with our services

Aviva Voice allows you to send via web access or via API or SMPP integration. We also have a connector that is compatible with Salesforce, Adobe Campaing and others.

Fast integration

Our support team will guide the entire integration process.


Aviva Voice provides statistical detail of each campaign and feeds back into the different CRM.


Improved cost control through statistical detail provided by Aviva Voice. Pay-per-use model, not monthly subscription.

Four ways of deployment

SMS messages can be sent in several ways.

Access to the web application

Access to the web application

Aviva Voice has its platform, Aviva Mobile, for manual sending and statistical tracking.

Gateway (API)

Gateway (API)

Aviva Voice has a simple API, with all the functionality available in the web interface.

Aviva Force SMS dispatcher

Aviva Force SMS dispatcher

Aviva Voice has developed a connector for sending SMS compatible with Salesforce Sales and Services and Marketing Cloud.
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Direct SMPP conexion

Direct SMPP conexion

Aviva Voice has an SMPP connector for advanced direct integrations or through CRMs that have this connection such as Adobe Campaign.

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Benefits of the product


It reaches de target immediately.


Wide range and segmentation of the target market.

Earnings growth

Powerful promotional showcase for advertisers.


Lower costs compared to traditional direct marketing media.


Messages depending on the addressee and the objectives of each campaign.


Access to Aviva Mobile with real time statistics and detailed information.