via SMS/Voice

Digital signature

Dynamic OTP authentication via SMS with probative value

Our OTP delivery service via SMS (Master OTP) enables using the cell phone as a token. The OTP is dynamically generated just when needed, and delivered to the user through a separate channel outside the web connection (via SMS or App). Due to its very short expiration time, it can only be used once.

One Time Password (OTP)

One of the safest, most effective and straightforward authentication methods is the technique known as "two-factor authentication", based on the use of dynamic and temporary passwords, valid for a single use only: One Time Password (OTP).

Dual security system

Authentication is based on the Token device (something you own) and the PIN (something you know), thus substantially strengthening security and minimizing eavesdropping chances.

Details of the process

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Benefits of the product

Legal certainty

Auditable service in case of any conflicting interests.

Cost saving

Reduced costs and more efficiency for companies and customers.


API for quick and straightforward integration with your web application.