(Reliable Notification)

Electronic Notification

Fast, affordable and with full legal force

Certified SMS/EMail consists in sending relevant information through an SMS short message or email aimed at obtaining legal certification of its contents, the submission and the delivery to the recipient. To that end, the submission date and time are certified, along with the sender's and recipient's phone numbers or emails.

Full legal force

With the same legal and probative value as a registered fax (bureaufax) or registered letter, Certified SMS has probative value before the Courts as an evidence that the submission was made in a secure and provable manner.

Digital Certificate

All data are certified by Aviva Voice (holding a Licence from the Spanish Telecommunication Market Commission CNMC) and Camerfirma, the Certification Authority established by the Chambers of Commerce, which includes its Digital Timestamp. The result is a PDF file with Certified Digital Signature.

Details of the process

  • creacion de sms personalizado

    SMS/Email creation

    The SMS/Email is created, and its content written through our platform.

  • email certificado en españa

    SMS/Email submission

    The submission of the SMS/Email to the recipient is carried out from the platform.

  • envio sms y email certificados

    SMS/Email Certification

    When the user receives the SMS/Email, its contents and delivery are certified.

  • firma digital por sms

    Custody of the Certificate

    The digital certificate is custodied in pdf format for a period of 5 years, during which it will be available to be downloaded from any device.

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Benefits of the product

Legal certainty

Full legal validity and 100% confidential.

Cost saving

Much more affordable than a registered letter or fax (bureaufax).


Multi-device via web. No software installation or trips needed.


The Certification is received in less than 1 minute!


Enables massive submissions for far-reaching and effective communication.


Access to Aviva Mobile with detailed real-time statistics and information.

Miscellaneous uses

  • Sending notifications with probative value to claim debts, non-payments, overdrafts, bill collections, direct debit orders (SEPA orders)...
  • Confirming service sign-ups, activations and cancellations.
  • Certifying the delivery of the “terms and conditions”of a purchased product or service and notifying changes in rates or conditions to service users and customers.
  • Handling debt collections.
  • Sending binding promotional offers.
  • Warning about claims and technical incidents, planned service cuts (water, power...), breakdowns...
  • Issuing notices of meetings and encounters, calls about legal procedures, court rulings, subpoenas or medical appointments...
  • Confirming the arrival or materials.