Aviva Force
SMS Dispatcher

SMS and Email Communications

Integration with Salesforce

Facing the increasing number of licenses deployment of Salesforce, Aviva has developed a Salesforce main functions fully compatible connector.


Aviva solution allows SMS campaing deployment from the inside of the customer's Salesforce enviorement.


Aviva Voice provides SMS campaigns traceability giving a full control of them, this traceability is not given by the current salesforce funcionality.


Aviva Voice provides a comprehensive control of the SMS sent in order to control costs, since currently customers do not have it. Our business model is pay-per-use, not monthly suscription.

Salesforce Products supported by Aviva connector

Aviva Voice has developed a SMS send connector compatible with Salesforce Sales and Services and Marketing Cloud.

Journey Builder

Journey Builder

Aviva's connector allows you to include SMS sending in the Quick Actions in the Journey Builder. Example: Welcome message, birthdays, etc.

Service Cloud>

Service Cloud

Aviva's connector allows you to send SMS in addition to generating a task or sending an Email to a contact.

Automation Studio

Automation Studio

Through Automation Studio, we will be able to replace Mobile Connect in Marketing Cloud having traceability of sms sending and feedback of statistics after the sending.

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud

Aviva's connector allows you to send SMS in addition to generating a task or sending an Email to a contact. Also, carry out campaigns to all contacts.

Process details

  • Installation


    Installation and setup at the Client in less than one week.

  • Certification


    Possibility of certifying the sendings.

  • Customization


    Ability to send SMS in a customized way 1 to 1 or for campaigns aimed at customers or leads.

  • Always up-to-date

    Always up-to-date

    Always updated to the latest version of Salesforce.

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Benefits of the product


It reaches de target immediately


Wide range and segmentation of the target market.

Earnings growth

Powerful promotional showcase for advertisers.


Lower costs compared to traditional direct marketing media.


Messages depending on the addressee and the objectives of each campaign.


Access to Aviva Mobile with real time statistics and detailed information.