Massive SMS

SMS and Email Communications

Real-time submission with delivery confirmation

Aviva Mobile via SMS provides an advanced platform for real-time Massive SMS delivery, enabling you to directly and immediately contact your target audience in a simple, fast and cost-efficient manner.

Details of the process

  • envio sms masivo


    Your recipients database is integrated in a quick and straightforward way.

  • sms certificado envio

    Customisable message

    The message contents and the sender and recipient information can be customised.

  • sms certificado envio españa

    Delivery scheduling

    The submission date and time can be scheduled in advance to ensure optimum message delivery.

  • firma digital por sms

    Submission status

    The submission status is always available in real time at no additional cost.

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Product benefits


Reach your target audience immediately.


Wide reach and target audience segmentation.

Increased profit

Powerful promotional showcase for advertisers.

Cost saving

Lower costs compared to traditional direct marketing channels.


Messages tailored to the recipient and the objectives of each campaign.


Access to Aviva Mobile with real-time statistics and detailed information.

Multiple uses

firma digital por sms con certificado

Mobile marketing campaigns

At Aviva Voice, we are specialists in the mobile environment, which makes us the ideal partner to help you in your mobile marketing campaigns, always tailored to the characteristics of your product and your Company.

envio sms con la firma digital

Mobile as a communication channel

Mobile is the digital medium with the greatest penetration in the market, and the most widely used tool in Spain, making mobile marketing an effective communication strategy and a highly engaging channel for advertisers.

firma digital por sms para españa

Information and advertising via SMS

SMS enables to develop all kinds of marketing and communication actions, with informational or promotional messages focused on the specific needs and aims of each campaign.